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This is a fantastic piece that sums up and appreciates Drake's incredible run. One part of his story that you touched on and that would be interesting to explore is the musical relationship between Kanye and Drake and how that was a key transition in hip hop. Specifically, it would be worth examining how Drake has essentially built and refined many of the ideas and innovations that Kanye introduced to the genre and pushed them even further than Kanye could. You mentioned how the modern rapper is Drake's legacy, but I would add that Drake is Kanye's legacy in a weird way

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You're completely right that Drake is in many ways Kanye's child musically. Kanye kind of did establish the Drake template in The College Droupout, then further refined it in Late Registration and Graduation before 808s & Heartbreak.

Kanye made it acceptable to not be a tough and ghetto honed black man in rap, he explored deep introspective themes, and really dove deep into messages of vulnerability and resilience.

And yes Drake did expand greatly on 808s and Heartbreak, expanding on the spacey and chill production vibes, and really mastering the singing/rapping hybrid.

Its actually a shame both men fell out with each other as it was rumored at one point they were working on a collab album together. How fun would that have been to hear?

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You’re right in that this generation grew up and got in their feelings listening to drake. Iconic Artist

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